It all started in high school, in a wonderful juxtaposition of the joys and miseries of coming of age, music seemed like the only reliable and pure thing in the modern age. Mrs. Gill’s inception was almost cliché, playing in cramped practice spaces with cycling members, and all the while, being painfully adolescent. And it was that frustration and rebellion to carrying out the, conservative norm they had lived in, and that forced the band to begin making music. 

      By 2014, the then three-piece found themselves playing whatever shows would let them in, be it dying venues, skate shops, or dive bars, it was all a soapbox. And through that cyclical experience, they learned how people react to emotion, honesty, and acting like a complete lunatic. Their music grew with them and became a part of how they saw themselves and their craft in the world.

      Music was integral in each members lives from a young age, coming out of a background of Jazz, and Classical study, which was tainted, through an idolization of Rock and Roll, tight leather, and mental rehabilitation.

      But, nonetheless, the timeless qualities of all good music has stayed with the band as they begun expanding horizons stylistically, and eventually adding a second guitarist, Austin Landon, in 2017, as of 2018, they are getting ready to release their first batch of songs, all written along the journey that they have been through in music.

      So, an obsession has developed: to discover what it is to be a member of society, in an age haunted by contradiction and inevitable stigma; what about music makes a man cry, but mosh? So they stopped thinking, and made a daily decision that music was gonna be their way of authentically speaking truth into the world.